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Polar Doubles Tournament

We are currently evaluating the possibility of safely holding a 2021 tournament with tentative dates of February 19th to 21st.

The 2020 Polar Doubles tournament was held February 7th – 9th…..and it was kind of polar but also great fun!

*For all WWTA tournaments, we are going green and no bottled water will be provided.  Please bring water to the tournament and there will be water available to refill your containers.

Tournament Information

2020 Polar Doubles Winners

Division Players
3.5 M Sanjay Ambardar/Rajeev Tonda
4.0 M Daniel Knox/Miguel Materin
2.5W Allie Ligay/Jennifer Oldham
3.0 W Suzanne Jeska/Elizabeth Wolgin
3.5 W Kailey Osterman/Ann Tucker
4.0W Ashley Moran/Madison Moran
6.0 Mixed Richelle Robinson/Dan Robinson
7.0 Mixed Duane Hall/Jeme Avent
8.0 Mixed Deno John/Eric Emmanuel