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Cardio tennis at Cary Tennis Park on April 21st.
Benefitting UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Rain make up extension!
  • All matches that were postponed for legitimate reasons (rain, snow, extreme temps, high wind) from February 25 through March 30 may take an extra 7 days, in addition to the already existing 4 weeks given, to complete their match.
  • If your match was scheduled from February 25 through March 11 only, you may take 7 extra days (in addition to the extra 7 days given above), considering Easter and Spring Break.
  • We are working on other court possibilities for make-up matches.
  • Please try to be flexible and consider times outside of your normal match times – weekday afternoons, weekends, evenings, etc. Also, everyone is not out of town for WCPSS spring break so be sure to consider that week.
  • Please remember that even if a lineup has been exchanged, you may still substitute players in from your team, as long as they were not already listed in the exchanged lineup on another line. If three players (from a doubles line) can agree on one day and time, it is best to try and sub out the fourth to make it work.
  • If your match is scheduled to be made up and it is rained out again, and you are at the end of your extended time, please contact me with details.
  • If matches are not made up, and reasonable measures have not been taken to do so, the line will be either defaulted by one team or double defaulted. Please try to get them played!
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