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We continue to work with USTA-NC and facilities to develop plans for restarting tennis programming with health and safety being the top priority.  We are fortunate that tennis is an outside sport and social distancing can be practiced.  Please continue to check this page for updates.

Click here to view USTA’s FAQ page.

Click here for USTA’s Tips for players to play tennis safely and here for tips for facilities to ensure player safety.

Click here to view USTA-North Carolina’s information and updates.

Click here USTA-North Carolina’s Return to Play information.

North Carolina Staying Ahead of the Curve – Phased Reopening Plan can be found here.

Important support information for the tennis industry through USTA and partners:  Tennis Industry United       USTA Support Statement


When will we resume the Adult Spring and WWTA Spring Mixed leagues?

The suspension of USTA programs expires May 31st.  We are currently working with facilities to determine their requirements and rules to return to play.  Facilities as well as state and local municipalities have the ultimate decision on when to play.  We are hoping to resume late June however, it could be after July 1st.  This is dependent on facility timetables for reopening as well as being in Phase 2 or 3 of North Carolina’s reopening plans.

What changes will there be to these leagues?

USTA Adult Spring:  All five court matches will go to 1 singles and 2 doubles to compensate for potential smaller teams, fewer people going to a match, more flexibility with courts and scheduling.  55+ and 65+ will remain at 3 doubles.  All National, Sectional and State Championships for 2020 have been cancelled.  Some state rules and regulations will be relaxed to make local play more flexible.

WWTA Spring Mixed:  No change to format and we will consider adding more teams to allow more opportunity for players to play mixed this summer.  These decisions will be made after we have a better handle on USTA Adult Spring schedule.

What safety procedures are USTA-North Carolina and WWTA putting in place?

We expect that everyone will evaluate their own personal risk and comfort with playing tennis.  We will be issuing guidelines to players on social distancing, touching equipment, etc and all of our facilities will be asked to review a webinar on safe play.  Keeping safe and healthy is our number one priority.  

What about player safety?

All of our facilities will be provided guidelines for Safe Play and will be required to watch a webinar with safety guidelines.  Players will receive guidelines on Safe Play for matches.  Click here for USTA- North Carolina’s Tips and Recommendations. 

Return to Play guidelines are being finalized and are designed to formalize expectations, including of minimal exposure, appropriate social distancing, and acknowledgment of personal responsibility for participation.  We will have more details by mid-week next week.

What day will my team play?

The play day for each team will be the same as it was in the spring with some adjustments.  Weekday morning matches will be set for 9:30 but some facilities will allow earlier start times if both teams agree.  Weekend teams will be at the same time as spring however, we will use some weeknights for teams that play mid-day so that all of their matches are not at the hottest point of the day.  WWTA does have a rule for excessive heat.

What about NTRP Ratings?

While we have not specifically heard that ratings won’t count, what we were told is that by very nature of how ratings are run in a normal year (which includes National, Sectional and State Championships which are all cancelled for 2020), we know that if they count at all, they will have to be looked at very differently.  We do know that discussions are ongoing as to how the cancellation of USTA League Championships may impact ratings.  WWTA has taken an active part in that discussion.

Are there going to be refunds for Adult Spring League or WWTA Spring Mixed?

Both WWTA and USTA-NC will not be issuing refunds for the spring season.  Please refer to our published league cancellation policy (Rules & Regs, page 5).  Our organization has already incurred all league costs, long before the season begins.  We recognize this may present a hardship for our players and so we will be offering discounted registration fees for our Fall Combo season to offset some of your financial loss.  We recognize our organization, along with our players, have experienced a financial hit, one of which we don’t know the full extent of yet.  Our hope is that we can financially navigate through this to continue all of our tennis programming in 2021.

Why are we resuming the Adult Spring League rather than doing the transitional Summer Leagues?

There are still many unknowns regarding the State of North Carolina opening back up and staying open.  Not issuing refunds per our policy for the Adult Spring League, taking new registration fees  for other leagues but still have the possibility of shutting things down again, means that we could be back in the current pandemic situation we are in.  By restarting the league that we already have registrations for is the most respectful way to manage our organization even though it is at a significant loss of revenue to WWTA.  So, sadly, at this point we do not expect to be able to add Tri-Level, Summer Singles and USTA Mixed leagues.  We will reevaluate this after the two current leagues have been scheduled.   Our obligation is to our current registrations first. 

What is the plan for Combo and Fall Singles Leagues registration?

We are planning to run both the Combo and Fall Singles Leagues starting in September (possibly late August).  We have the flexibility of starting later and running later since there are no championships.  

What is the status of programs like Abilities Tennis, Wheelchair Clinics and Tennis for Life?

We are working with our partners for these programs and will provide updates as we know them.  We hope to be back in action for Tennis for Life and Wheelchair in June and Abilities Clinics starting again in the fall.

What about Try Tennis sessions?

We are working with our partners to reschedule and add Try Tennis sessions starting mid-June.   If you are signed up for Try Tennis programs, you will be contacted directly for options.